SNAPSHOT: Kids code in Roseville schools

photos courtesy of Roseville Area Schools

Dec. 4-10, schools around the world celebrated the Hour of Code, which introduces students to the field of computer science. 

“The activities are geared toward getting kids excited about computer science,” explains Miles Lawson, the Roseville Area Schools’ curriculum coordinator for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programing. “This event is an intentional effort to show students that something they can do as an 8-year-old is the same thing an adult does as a career.” 

Over the course of the week, students across Roseville Area Schools participated in activities such as programming robots like Dash and Dot and Bee Bots, creating their own video games and apps, meeting engineers from Abbott Laboratories to learn how doctors use computer programs to perform ablations with catheters on human hearts, and learning programming languages such as Swift, Scratch, Scratch Junior and Python. 

“Coding isn’t this mysterious thing that only a few people can do,” says Lawson. “Anyone can be a computer software developer, and our workforce is going to need a lot of computer scientists and engineers soon, which means it is never too early to pique students’ interests in coding and programming.”

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