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Tell the county: ‘Let’s bring hockey back home’

To the Editor:

After eight games, the Irondale boys’ varsity hockey team currently leads the Northwest Suburban Conference; only three of those games were played at their “home” rink in Blaine, 7.5 miles from Irondale High School.

Meanwhile, the Mounds View boys play their home games in Vadnais Heights, 10.3 miles from Mounds View High School. The Mustangs used to call Shoreview Arena home, but the aging county arena no longer suits the needs of a varsity hockey program.

The growing youth hockey program (Mounds View Irondale) still utilizes Shoreview Arena, plus another sheet in Blaine, plus ice time scattered around Ramsey County.

Ramsey County scheduled renovations to Shoreview Arena for 2019. This month, the commissioners will vote to appropriate more than $2 million for this project. The arena will still be unsuitable for varsity hockey. The number of ice hours remains the same.

New Brighton just added 125 new homes on Old Higway 8. The TCAAP development is projected to add 1,700 housing units. There is no doubt about it, hockey is growing and thriving in this community.

Call and email Ramsey County and ask them why they are planning to spend over $2 million on arena renovations that don’t benefit youth or high school hockey. Ask them to work with the hockey community to build a new, two-sheet arena within the District 621 footprint to serve as home for youth and the high school hockey teams. Let’s bring hockey back home.

Ramsey County Commissioner Blake Huffman: 651-266-8362, blake.huffman@co.ramsey.mn.us.

Tracy Henry, President – Irondale Youth Hockey – Mounds View



Let’s get Irondale a hockey rink

To the Editor:

New Brighton has a strong hockey community. The Irondale High School hockey team is off to its best start in fifteen seasons, but still has to use a shared rink in Blaine, a daily commute the players must make. To keep the hockey community tight and talked about in New Brighton, Irondale needs a rink. This will allow our Knights to have a home base to grow as a community. We need a rink desperately in order to compete with larger programs.

As a high school hockey player, I can say with confidence that most other programs in Minnesota high school hockey have their own rink. These teams tend to attract more of an audience and more younger players. A home rink is more than just a place to play – it’s a place to draw fans from all over the area and would showcase what Irondale hockey has to offer the community. 

We can make a rink happen in the next couple years for Irondale hockey players. We can make this concern known to the school district, and let them know how important it would be to have a rink for the Irondale Knights. Irondale and the surrounding community would benefit greatly from a home hockey rink. There is no better time than now to start this project. If we don’t have this rink soon, Irondale hockey will remain off the radar for years to come.

Max Eilefson, Irondale High School hockey player – New Brighton

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