South-West Review police reports published January 7, 2019

Inver Grove Heights


Recovered mail

On Dec. 26, stolen mail was recovered in the 8300 block of Delaney Circle — the mail was delivered to respective owners.


Police responded to the 4900 block of Bongard Way Dec. 26 for suspicious activity. The reporting party had found mail, which was determined to be stolen from a nearby address on Boyd Avenue.



On Dec. 27, a report came in of an intoxicated woman in the 5900 block of Candace Avenue. The woman was transported to the hospital.


Please move

A white, extended cab pickup truck slid partially into a ditch and blocked a lane of traffic Dec. 28 in the 10000 Block of Inver Grove Trail. The unknown driver left the vehicle locked. The truck was towed due for being a traffic hazard.


Relationship problems

On Dec. 30, a call came in about a 49-year-old man and woman arguing about their relationship in the 3400 block of 78th Street. The man left the scene to calm down.



An officer conducted a traffic stop near the 6900 block of Craig Avenue Jan. 1. A 41-year-old man was arrested for DWI.


Happy New Year

A report came in Jan. 1 regarding a married couple that was intoxicated and arguing over marital issues. The couple was left to figure out how to resolve the dispute on their own.


Thanks pal

A 15-year-old boy gave a door code to a friend while he was gone Dec. 31. The friend took the homeowners car for a drive and damaged it.


Car fire

Officers assisted the Inver Grove Heights Fire Department with a vehicle fire in the 8400 block of Ashton Avenue Jan. 1.


Mendota Heights


Deer won

An officer was flagged down for a car versus deer accident in the area of Highway 62 and Delaware Avenue Dec. 15. The driver said he was driving eastbound on Highway 62 when a deer jumped out at him and he was unable to avoid hitting it. The deer was seen getting up and walking away after the impact. 



On Dec. 15, officers responded to the 2000 block of Lexington Avenue for a domestic disturbance call. The homeowner requested the man leave the premise but he had been refusing. After being separated, the man was given a ride home. Items and parts of the home were damaged and police were waiting for a cost estimate for the damage before charging.


Broken window

A vehicle that was parked in the 1000 block of Sibley Memorial Highway Dec. 15, was broken into and personal belongings were taken.


Oh boy

Officers were flagged down at the intersection of Ridge Place and Dodd Road Dec. 16 by a taxi cab driver. The driver found a purse in the back seat of their vehicle and the last occupant had made a mess by relieving themselves before leaving the taxi. The owner of the purse was located and the driver was paid a cleaning fee.


Banged up

On Dec. 19, an officer was dispatched to the area of Victoria Road and Marie Avenue for a car accident. A driver, who had the right of way, was going east through the intersection when another driver turning left onto Marie collided with the driver. A citation was issued for the second driver for failure to yield.


Stolen checks

A resident in the 1000 block of Sylvandale Road Dec. 20 reported check fraud via email. The victim’s previous employee obtained checks from her and wrote a check out to himself for over $5,000.


South St. Paul


Not a very merry Christmas

On Dec. 25, a woman reported that she and her family heard a loud crash at their home in the 900 block of Seventh Avenue South. The woman discovered a lower window had been broken. She told police she found what appeared to be the stick of a candy sucker and the remnants of the sucker below the window amongst the broken glass. Only a single pane of the glass was broken in the top left corner.


Two for one

An officer on patrol on Poplar Street at Henry Avenue Dec. 26 did a random license plate check on a vehicle and found the registered owner had multiple Dakota County warrants. The officer stopped the vehicle and arrested the driver who was the owner. The owner asked one of the passengers to drive his vehicle. When the officer spoke with the one who would be driving, the man did not have his ID but gave his name. A check showed this man had a felony drug warrant out of Scott County – the man was arrested as well.


Playground vandalism

A report came in Dec. 27 regarding vandalism to Grandview Park. Unknown culprits used black spray paint on the park equipment spraying words and outlines of objects. Some of the damage had been removed by a neighbor while other damage was still visible. 


West St. Paul


Chipped paint

A call came in Dec. 17 from the 200 block of Westview Drive regarding a cat that was not declawed that was constantly laying on top of cars in the parking garage. The cat did not have a chip and was taken to the Animal Humane Society.


Stolen TV

A man stole a 30-inch TV from a business in the 1600 block of Robert Street Dec. 18. An employee tried to stop the man, who wouldn’t give up the TV and took off running. 


Not very holy

A woman reported being choked in a parking lot of a church on Annapolis Street Dec. 18. 


I didn’t order a pizza

On Dec. 18, a woman called police from Logan Avenue after a man showed up saying he was a pizza delivery guy but she didn’t order any pizza. The woman was hysterical and said the man wouldn’t leave. Police discovered someone paid for the pizza online and gave that address but a name for someone who didn’t live there. The delivery man said he would take the pizza back and talk with his supervisor.


Not cool

A woman called police Dec. 20 after being told people were “shooting up” on the edge of school property in the 300 block of Marie Avenue by the apartments. She went over and found a needle, which she brought to her office so none of the kids would accidently find it. The needle was used but empty. 


Can’t accept this

On Dec. 20, a man called police after he attempted to return some clothes at a business in the 1700 block of Robert Street and he said the employee started to attack him. The argument started over a denied return. The man reportedly became belligerent and was asked to leave three times. No attack occurred – all that happened was a hand on a back to get the man to leave the store. 




Attempted break-in

A man believed someone tried to break into his apartment in the 1500 block of Charlton Street Dec. 21 causing damage to the lock and chain. The man said the damage on the inside of the door appeared to be caused by someone opening the door with the chain locked and the chain rubbing against the door. He didn’t know when the damage occurred.


Fix my nails

On Dec. 21, an employee of a business in the 1200 block of Robert Street called after two women left without paying the $45 worth of services. The pair were located and one of them was unhappy about her nails. The unhappy woman paid for their nails and the studio agreed to fix them. 


Identity theft

A woman called police Dec. 22 because she thought the FBI and other government agencies had hacked her Facebook account and possibly taken money from her bank account. 


Found mail

A property manager in the 2000 block of Delaware Avenue called police Dec. 22 after finding a large box of mail and UPS boxes that looked like it had all been gone through. The mail was very dirty and ripped up. 


Continue inside 

While on a premise check in the early morning hours of Dec. 23 in the 300 block of Marie Avenue, an officer saw a vehicle parked with its lights on. The officer saw a person duck down when he put his spotlight on the vehicle. When he approached the vehicle, a man and women were naked. The man lived nearby, and the officer advised them to continue their business inside the apartment. 


Lover’s quarrel

A call came in Dec. 24 from the 1500 block of Charlton Street because of a man and woman fighting. All parties involved were uncooperative but said there was an argument. The woman threw stuff around, but no one wanted anything to do with the police.


Don’t make them come back

An officer spoke with two kids Dec. 24 in the 900 block of Sperl Street after they took their go-kart to the park. The kids were escorted home and the officer spoke with their mother, who was informed the kids drove their go-kart to the ice rink — ordinance states the go-kart cannot be driven on city streets or in the park. The mother said she would handle it and to let her know if it happened again. She also said the go-kart would be sold if an officer had to come back to the house.


Santa? Is that you?

A woman called police Dec. 25 from the 1800 block of Livingston Avenue after seeing a man on the roof of her home. She said a man with a black hoodie, white shirt and black pants hide behind her chimney. The woman told police she saw the man on the roof walk backwards and hide behind the chimney when bringing in Christmas presents. 


Lucky break

On Dec. 31, a woman reported her unlocked vehicle had been rummaged through in the 800 block of Charlton Street. Nothing was taken.


Ripped off

An anonymous call came in from the 2000 block of Robert Street Dec. 31 about a man yelling obscenities. The man was upset about getting ripped off. He was calm when police arrived and headed home with his groceries.


Drug deal

On Jan. 1, a call came from the 1300 block of Delaware Avenue from someone who told police a drug deal was going down in a vehicle across the street. The dealer was supposedly still on site but gone when police arrived.


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